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While others talk about new technologies, we are actively implementing them.   With over 30 years of experience in IT and Infrastructure design you can count on AccuratePath's experienced consultants to solve your IT challenges in areas of, New Data center builds, Visualization and Disaster Recovery Centers

System Installations and Upgrades

IBM System Installation and Upgrade

Our services cover installation and upgrade of IBM RS6000 and AIX operating system. Consulting specializes in IBM systems and their operations.

  • IBM RS6000 OS installation and upgrade
  • IBM HACMP design and implementation
  • IBM NIM design and implementation
  • IBM WebSphere installation and setup
  • DISK subsystems and DISK farms based on SAN (Fiber Optic or Differential SCSI) or Network Appliance (NFS) technology.

Messaging Services Consulting technical consultants specialize in design and implementation of the electronic messaging systems for various corporations domestic as well as international. The services cover Unified messaging systems, B2B, EDI, voice and data communications.

  • Unified Messaging (Email and Voice)
  • MTA, POP, IMAP and Relay Services
  • DNS and Content Redirector
  • WEB Infrastructure
  • ISP Wholesale Setup