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Caliper CompassAccuratePath Consulting staff specializes in providing consulting services to the client companies in following areas:

The services are directed to companies with a need to improve their productivity and their efficiency. The principal architects of have many years of experience in product development, software design and infrastructure design and deployment. consultants offer services to help client companies improve their E-Business sector, In-house Operations and Monitoring of their systems. consultants will help you improve your bottom line with lowering your cost of computing and improving your business processes.

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IBM System Installation and Upgrade

Our services cover installation and upgrade of IBM RS6000 and AIX operating system. Consulting specializes in IBM systems and their operations.

Design and Implementation of Messaging Systems's technical consultants specialize in design and implementation of the electronic messaging systems for various corporations domestic as well as international. These services cover Unified messaging systems, B2B, EDI, voice and data communications.

Infrastructure design and implementation

Services cover design of a new IP based network and or upgrade of your current IP based Infrastructure. The network specialists of consulting can tailor a partial or full end to end service based on customer desire.

The end to end service consists of design and documentation of the network, purchasing and negotiating prices for the company and receiving of equipment. The service also includes implementation and installation of the network and its final operational acceptance.

E-Business Solutions Consulting technical consultants specialize in design and implementation of E-business Systems based on WEB based interface using JAVA and C++ based technology coupled with distributed WEB farms, using content and application web servers managed by Network Dispatchers to re-route your E-business service requests to any location around the globe, maintaining quick service response time and reliability.

Think outside of the box!

While others talk about new technologies, we are actively implementing them.   With over 30 years of experience in IT and Infrastructure design you can count on's experienced consultants to solve your IT challenges in areas of, New Data center builds, Visualization and Disaster Recovery Centers